If you want to know where we rented the beach house, all you need to do is look at this map. Where the two storms "hook up" is about it. Well, that is about right, eh? Overall, it is fine and I am just happy to not be at work but seriously, really? Keri keeps sending me email to "think happy thoughts" and I always do. I always do.

I can't help but imagine that if all of us were going to the middle of the Nevada desert (like to Vegas) in August, with no water and magnifying glasses for hats, there would be a freak snowstorm happening right there on the strip by that stupid New York-New York Casino. See Keri, these ARE happy thoughts because why?? Because I am laughing and EVERYTHING, in fact, is a photo-op.

9th Street, New York, NY

9th Street, New York, NY

Already something is not working right in our brand spanking new apartment but at least we can bitch about it and "technically" management will fix it. The air-conditioner in Jasmine's room/my office/vortex-of-angst is not working. It thumps like a crazy bunny's back legs and produces room temperature air. On a day that the room is eighty-five degrees, well that's not going to work now, is it.

I started to mess around with a Google search within this here site. I have so much work I should do with this thing and that is "the plan" once I get back from the storms of vacation. I have new posts that need to be put up and I want to change some core things too. But all of that is for another time. For the next ten days, I am going to try to calm the fuck down and enjoy a little bit of this thing called living.