Living Room, Exchange Place Jersey City NJ

So we made the move and we are in. Woo hoo! We love it and we never want to leave, at least that is the word on day two. It is quiet and the cats are totally flipped out. They are so flipped out that untouched Fancy Feast sits in a bowl just waiting for a cat to take notice of it.

Amazingly, it did not rain and the movers did not suck. It took longer than we thought but it was well worth it. Overall, there was minimal bullshit. The cable person even showed up an hour early and we have had cable since before we were finished with the movers. There were only a few scrapes; Martha cut her finger and dropped my old office chair on her foot while taking it down to the trash. My legs are bruised and I look like I had to fight off an attacker and Jasmine seems to have hurt her shoulder but overall we are pretty tip top.

E. 6th street & Cooper Square (3rd Ave)

Jasmine and I now share a room. Her bedroom is also my office. I don't think she is too happy about it all but she DOES go back to school in four weeks and she will have her VERY OWN dorm room to decorate with all of her fine-tuned angst. The bill for her sophomore year of college came right before we moved. Talk about a buzz kill. Jesus Christ, I'm going to be long dead before that shit is paid off.

18th Floor View, Exchange Place, Jersey City NJ

This apartment makes me feel like I am on vacation. I know that will pass, within time but honestly, I don't think I have ever lived like this. Except for when I was on the company dime. It makes Martha and me somewhat uneasy but that is just because we are waiting for the crap to start. It is a pathetic view of the world but one she and I have sadly, grown used to.

Ah yes, work. I didn't win the lotto, I just moved. Work is still work and I have a good two-week run of it until I can completely fuck off for seven sun-filled days. My vacation is going to consist of reading, sleeping and seeing how fucked-up I can get. We bought a beach tent, a beach towel, and summer reading books for all. I personally bought a big floppy blue beach hat and matching blue sunglasses. I am totally working the Sophia Loren, Jackie O thing with these glasses. They almost cover my face from my forehead to my mouth. I look like an aging movie star and some days, in my head, I suppose I am.