I am an Analog photographer with the majority of my time spent documenting and capturing the life & light all around me.

I use almost exclusively plastic, Kodak, Russian or Polaroid cameras. I shoot in black and white, medium format.

Subject matter and composition are more important to me than the endless settings that digital cameras and Photoshop can provide. Following natural light and understanding how to shoot it is more interesting to me. I never crop my work. Everything is done in camera.

I have shot digital professionally, in fact I owe my interest in street photography from shooting the neighborhoods and street events within the five boroughs of New York City for the Village Voice.

Currently I use a Samsung Galaxy s8+ as my digital camera and post those photographs on my tumblr blog and I have an Instagram account where I upload my Polaroids. I also have a full archival photography site at www.hnorthrop.com.

If you are interested in purchasing a particular photograph please note the name and year it was taken feel free to contact me here.

Some of my work is currently represented by Unlimited Grain and can be purchased through Art Upfront.